Our products

Politura - Shellac Polishes, Cover Scratch

A high Quality sheellac dissolved in ethyl alcohol with softening agent. Ideal for restoration of antic furniture.
It is available in:
- orange: for medium dark wood,
- ruby: for very dark items
- whitewash: for light products

Denaturat - denatured alcohol, ethylated spirit

Used as fuel in spirit cookers and utilised for washing window panes and greasy surfaces.
The company is in possesion of valid certificates, technical specifications and MSDS's. The products are standarized and exampt from an excise tax (0%).

Technical Dissolvent - RT2

Ethylated spirit used chiefly during the production of Christmas decorations. Perfectly washes dirty and greasy surfaces.

Nitro - eco - completely biodegradable

Solvent, thinner for nitrocellulose products with a pleasant non - irritating fruit smell. Perfect area degreaser before painting and great application equipment remover. Nitro - eco it's superb for removal of contaminants such greases and oils from metal surfaces without causing corrosion. Product has PZH certificate.

Cosmetic alcohol 70 % completely denatured

This is a specially prepared high - quality fully denatured ethyl alcohol utilised in many fields of cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Barbecue (BBQ) lighter fluid

High quality product that serves to lighting the grills and fireplaces. Not explode and did not smoke ! Thanks to modern technology offered BBQ lighter fluid is safe to use.

Biofuel - fuel for fireplaces

Biofuel burns out completely, does not emit smoke and odor. The only products of combustion are water vapor, which moistens the room and carbon dioxide.
1 liter of fuel burned from 3 to 6 hours.

Windshield washer fluid - winter and summer edition

Our specially formulated summer fluid used in washers and reflectors persistent traces of the insects and road dirt. Do not leave streaks and spots on the windows. It has pleasant fresh smell.
Winter edition is designed to remove snow and ice. Windshield washer fluid is specifically engineered to improve winter driving visibility. Protects windshield in temperatures to -22 degrees Celsius.