Multifunctional Company VeVeX® Eugeniusz Wodzyński is a company with many years of tradition.

  • The historical background of the company and its major spheres of activity
  • P.W. VeVeX was founded in 1991 by an engineer of chemistry. From that very moment on, it has been extremely successful on the Polish market.
  • One should emphasize that an incredibly effective management of the company has enabled finding its constantly enlarging market niches. In the first years of its existence, P.W. VeVeX produced mainly chemicals, which were based on ethanol and alcohol derivatives. However, a rapidly growing interest in these products contributed to its further development and significant expansion of its activities.
  • Currently, P.W. VeVeX specializes in producing a wide range of top quality chemical products used typically for cleaning greasy surfaces. Futhermore, its products are mostly prepared for industrial use.

Confirmed quality guarantee



If you are looking for a reliable supplier of ethanol based chemicals.

What makes us special?

  • It is also worth adding that P.W. VeVeX is aschive in the domain of ecology and sells a treat variety of specimen for sewage treatment plants both for individuals and small businesses. Moreover, from May, 2004, it is authorized to manage the so-called taxed goods warehouse.
  • The company Multi VeVeX Eugene Wodzynski has a certified Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008.
  • The scope of certification applies to the production and sale of chemical products.
  • This system allows us to monitor the correct course of all processes related to the activities of the company.
  • To meet the requirements of our customers, this system we are trying to improve all the time.